5 Tips for Surviving the School Holidays

by Renee Greenland

Here’s some great tips and ideas for getting you through the holidays without too much stress. So here goes . . .

Tip 1 ~ Have a plan

I’m a planner geek and I reckon you’ll get through the school holidays a WHOLE lot easier if you have a plan. It doesn’t need to be set in stone but it will definitely help to have an idea on what you’re going to get up to each day.

And get your kids involved by asking them where they’d like to go, what they’d like to do, people they’d like to visit etc.

I think the biggest thing to remember with your plan is to include some chill out time!

Tip 2 ~ Play dates

If you can’t take too much time off work, or have appointments you can’t move, consider reciprocal play dates. So one day a mum has her kids plus yours, and the next day you have your kids plus hers.

If you work for yourself, this arrangement will be great in getting solid chunks of time for you to get some work done. Hopefully you’ll then enjoy, and be present, for your kids on the days you do spend with them.

This tip is ideal for me!

Tip 3 ~ Get help and share the load

I know because I work from home that it will be assumed, by my partner, that I’m responsible for the kids during the school holidays. But I’m going to make sure he takes at least one day off to hang with the boys. Besides, he gets holiday pay – I don’t!

So think about sharing the load with your partner, parents or in-laws.

Tip 4 ~ Backup plan

It’s highly likely that one day of your plan will turn to custard! One of the kids wakes up sick or the weather turns and your day out has to be cancelled.

Have a list of backup activities ready for days like this. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can download my 5 Quick, Easy & Low Prep Inside Activities by clicking here.

Tip 5 ~ Have some downtime

Remember, the school holidays are a time for the kids to recharge their batteries so make sure you plan in some lazy time where the kids can take it easy and have a break from a schedule.

Whether that’s blobbing in front of the TV or spending some time reading – whatever works for you and your kids.

And make sure you factor in some timeout for yourself too!

What works for you and your kids?

Please comment below . . . would LOVE to hear from you 😀

Until next time, take care!


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