Meet Renee
Renee is a blogger, entrepreneur and wellness advocate. After ‘coming out the other side’ of her depression a few years ago, she decided she needed to share not only her story but also the natural tools she used to ‘get through’.
depression, mental health, mum, new zealand
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In 2016 I was diagnosed with depression.

My boys were 2 and 4 at the time.

In hindsight, I had Post Natal Depression but did nothing about it. I truly thought that the way I was feeling was ‘normal’ and, ‘This is what Mum-Life is like so suck it up and get used to it!’

If you want, you can read more about my story of depression over on the blog.

Anyway, turns out that this diagnosis was a defining moment in my life!

Which was a hard pill to swallow. Excuse the pun!

Who really wants their life to be defined by their depression? Not me.

But as I look back at my life, all 38 years of it, it was my depression that brought me to re-evaluating my life.

My depression led me to:

> Quit a second business that was built on ‘I should do it before someone else does!’.

> Create a blog and support group for mums with depression and mental illness.

> Turn to natural products and a low-tox lifestyle . . . most of the time!

> Share my essential oil love with anybody who would listen.

> Decide to close my graphic design business of 12 years.

> Look for alternative and ‘spiritual’ ways to help manage my depression. In walked crystals, Oracle Cards, meditation and other inexpensive therapy tools.

Ultimately, all of this triggered a journey of self-discovery and oh what a journey this has turned out to be! LOL.

So here I am, at the age of 38, wondering what the hell I want my life to look like. FYI – I’m still figuring this out!

But what led me down the path of wanting to inspire mums to live a life they f#ckin love, was realising that through Motherhood, I had given up nearly everything I loved to do.

Some of the evidence lies in the Sistema storage boxes, stacked in the garage, that are full of craft supplies that I haven’t touched in years.

And through conversations I was having with other mums, I discovered I wasn’t the only mum feeling this way. That a lot of us are living life like it’s Groundhog Day.

“Hey, how are you doing?”
“Oh you know . . . surviving!”

WTF! No . . . this is not what life should be like. This needs to change.

What example are we to our kids if they’re watching us sacrifice our joy, happiness, freedom, self-worth and all the good stuff that fills us up, for them.

We’re not doing them any favours by showing them what life looks like for modern day mums, the way that we’re doing it.

Now, you could be someone who loves everything about being a mum. My hat goes off to you. Seriously, I kinda wished I loved it more. And I’m not saying I don’t love my kids. I love them deeply and intensely but I just don’t love being a mum, a lot of the time.

If you are that mum but you too want more from your life, please know that my work here is for you also.

I digress . . .

I want to live a life of my design which means living MY LIFE MY WAY and not the way society, or anyone else, says I should.

I want to be an example to my boys!

Knowing all of that, I’m on a path to rediscovering what I’m passionate about and what I LOVE to do.

My time is now. So is yours!


It’s not too late. You do have time for you and the things YOU love. You are worthy of more and you deserve more than what you’re letting yourself have.

I don’t have all the answers or any qualifications around this topic BUT . . .

I’m positive that together we can both start living a life of joy, happiness, success, abundance, freedom, adventure, passion and whatever the hell-else we want our lives to be full of.

Are you ready to live a life you LOVE? A life you look forward to waking up to? Are you with me?

Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit. Let’s stay connected as I’m excited for our journey ahead.

Big hugs,