Mum’s Stories
A place for mum's to share their stories about depression to help others so they don't feel alone and not good enough.
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Depression to a Dream

The things that helped me the most were being around people and getting back into some knitting, for my soon to be baby, with the help of a friend.

Donna’s Depression

The big event that put me on medication full time was the loss of my dad. I started taking medication every night. I knew if I didn't take it I would crumble.

Hiria Beats Depression With Self Care

I've suffered from depression since a very young age. I can’t put my finger on a specific age but there were symptoms from as young as ten. If that's even possible right?

Depression 30 Years Ago

Thirty years ago I had post natal depression and things were a bit different back then. My counsellor arranged for me to have a 3 week break from my family. I needed a break but not the isolation.

Struggling Simone

The "funny" thing about depression is that it never stays the same! Why can it not just stay the same? This is my constant DAILY struggle. I feel judged. I feel like I let people down. I feel tired and I feel alone.

The Happy Mum That Wasn’t Happy

Finally, one day I just couldn’t do it anymore and I lay on the ground screaming and crying and thinking terrible things about myself. That’s when I realised something wasn’t right and made an appointment to see my doctor.

What!? Not me . . . Carlene Shares Her Story of Depression

When asked if I would share my story by the FAB Renee I said very quickly, "For you, of course hon!" Then when it came to putting pen to paper it was much harder than I thought.  As an HR professional by trade and online total

Mental Marie

My continuing journey From the moment Crazy Clare told me about Renee’s blog and sharing her story I considered sharing mine. Looking back, being down and tired (I still struggle with the word depression) is probably something I have always battled. But once we started trying for a baby,

Crazy Clare

My FAB Renee has asked me to share my story of craziness too! I have always wanted to be a mum. It was the only thing I was certain of (if that makes sense?!). My Mum is my hero and I have always wanted to be

My depression

I've had depression before, when I was about 27, but that time was different. The 'sign' that made me seek professional help was the crying, and I mean sobbing, for no real reason. It felt like I was sad/unhappy when I should've been relatively happy.