How To Get Set Up with doTERRA

It’s super easy to get started as you can do it all online!

Here’s the steps to take:

  1. Click here.
    The order form will pop up in a new window so you can follow the steps below . . .
  2. Select your preferred language and country you want your oils shipped to. For example, English and New Zealand.
  3. Select which warehouse you want your oils sent from.
    I suggest selecting Australia Products as it’s more cost effective due to exchange rates. But be aware that not all products are available through the Australian warehouse.
    So if you’re wanting any of the products below, select USA Products.

  4. Select Wellness Advocate.
    Ignore Wholesale Customer option . . . you’ll get better value and┬ádiscounts as an advocate.
  5. Fill in your details and create yourself a password.
  6. On the next page, select the kit you want by clicking on it. You will see the kit added to your cart below.
    You can scroll through the kit options by clicking the arrow next to the pictures. Or you can view the enrolment kits here.
    If you don’t want a kit, select the $35 Introductory Packet and type in the names of the oils and blends you want into the cart table.
  7. I would suggest adding fractionated coconut oil to your cart also. You’ll need this for applying oils to the body.
  8. On the next page, fill in your payment details and you are ready to go!

Once everything is processed and set up, I’ll send you a welcome email. Inside it will be a link to my Facebook page and group, as well as access to ‘Your Guide To Essential Oils’ booklet.

If you have any issues trying to set this up, please contact me by email, private message or text on 0274 912 105.