I’m SUPER excited to bring you a series of guest expert workshops to help you in your journey to more energy and happiness!

Stop for just a moment and imagine feeling happy, fulfilled, having better sleep and being able to do things without getting overwhelmed.

It would be awesome aye?! Waking up and excited about the day ahead. I’m in for that!

Believe me . . . it is possible and I believe you can get there by changing things up, just one thing at a time. That’s my intention for these workshops.

From my own experience, and from the conversations had within the private F.A.B Mumma Facebook group, I know we all want to be happy, full of energy and enjoying our life with our families.

But when you feel stuck in your mental illness, or in your life, that feels like a dream right?! Or something that requires lots of effort, energy you don’t have and a lot of change.

And when some days it’s a struggle to just get through till bedtime, who can be bothered adding more to the to-do list?

These guest experts will take the time to explain how food and stress affect our bodies and emotions, how our behaviour and moods affect our kids. Then they will give us four easy ideas on how we can make change to being content, relaxed and energised.

It’s my hope that you’ll take at least one thing from each workshop and implement it straight away. One thing that will help you to feel better or get moving towards feeling better.

You can do this . . . you have what it takes to live the life you imagine but don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen!

I’m here with you, every step of the way 🙂


Workshop #1 ~ Food & Mood w. Dr Julie Bhosale

Workshop #2 ~ Stress Less w. Lauren Parsons


This is an online course. You can watch or join in from the comfort of your home through the Facebook group or a Zoom link.

Lauren is an energising speaker who draws on 17 years experience in the health and wellness profession and her background in business.

Lauren is another amazing person I’ve met through business and networking. Lauren stood out to me, many times, because she’s so calm and well spoken . . . such a contrast to me who speaks a million miles an hour 🙂

What I love about Lauren’s work is the fact it’s all bite sized, manageable action steps you can make to improve your fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing.

I asked Lauren to speak to us about stress management. She will teach us the fastest most effective way to feel calm, clear-headed and confident. And she’ll give us tips on how to boost our health and happiness, long term, with easy to implement daily routines.

Learn more about Lauren here.

Workshop #3 ~Depression & Our Kids w. Sonia Doulton

Tuesday 1 August @ 8.00pm

This is an online course. You can watch or join in from the comfort of your home through the Facebook group or a Zoom link.

Sonia is a holistic counsellor, coach and psychotherapist. She’s also the producer and passion behind Mama the film.

Sonia and I connected through Facebook when I came across her film project. The purpose of her film is totally inline with the FAB Mumma blog and private Facebook group.

So when mum’s in the private group were asking for advice around how to protect their children from the effects of their depression, I knew Sonia was the guest expert for this.

With her experience and knowledge, Sonia will explain to us how our brain works and give us some ideas on how we can make little changes to our behaviour around our children.

Learn more about Sonia here.