Child Chart Reading


A Child Chart Reading for Kids.

Using Human Design and Astrology, this pdf reading includes practical tips on how you can support and nurture your child’s energy type and innate gifts.

Inside this 10 page Human Design Reading, you’ll discover:

  • Your child’s energy type and what that looks like.
  • Tips on how you can support your child’s energy type with things like learning, stress, communication and sleep.
  • The best way for you to support your child in making their own decisions.
  • Your child’s super sense, ideal environment and how they best digest food and information, with tips on how you can apply these suggestions to your everyday life.
  • The role your child is here to play and how to establish a solid foundation for their life.
  • And more.

To create your Child Chart Reading I will need:

  1. Name of person the reading is for.
  2. Date & time of their birth. (Exact time of birth if possible).
  3. City, State & Country of their birth.

NOTE: Please make sure to add these details to the NOTES section of your order (checkout page).

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“Oh my gosh Renee . . . this is so freekn awesome it made me cry! Thank you so much. This is so Zach. You’ve put into words what I’ve not always had the words for.”

~ Caroline, mum of three

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Once your order is received your personalised Human Design Reading will be created within 7-10 working days. During that time you will receive a downloadable and printable pdf file via email.

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