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Feelings Worksheet and Emotions Chart for Kids . . . a great tool to help kids learn about their feelings and emotions!

When my oldest boy was about 7 years old he came to me crying and when I asked him what was wrong, he said, “I’m sad!”
Me: “What are you sad about?”
Nate: “I don’t know. I just feel sad.”
I looked at him and thought, ‘How do I help you right now? To feel the feeling of sadness and to understand where this feeling is coming from?’

So I used my graphic design skills and created a chart to help me have conversations with my boys around their feelings.

The fun and relatable graphics make it easy for children to recognise what their feelings feel like and helps them to discover techniques and activities to self soothe.

This really is a great way to help your child develop emotional intelligence and resilience, in a personal and unique way.

This is the original version of the feelings worksheet for kids and features these feelings: SAD, SCARED, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED and EMBARRASSED.

Check my shop for the kids feelings worksheet these feelings: HAPPY, EXCITED, SURPRISED, DISAPPOINTED and NERVOUS. Also a two-page worksheet which was created out of a collaboration with a child therapist.

NOTE: This is a digital product. You can get the physical tear pad here.

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“My daughter struggles sometimes with BIG feelings. I bought these AMAZING forms last year and they have been incredibly helpful! To be honest, I’d not seen them for some time. Until tonight, when she brings me this!!! SO HELPFUL! PS. Love that she circled those particular things to help herself! She knows.”

~ Katie P

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Please note that colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors and printers.

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