Kids Energy Type Poster


As a mum of two boys, I need all the help I can get when it comes to raising them as unique individuals.

Discovering their energy type has given me HUGE clues in how to support and guide them best.

So much so, I created posters for our fridge to remind us how to support and nurture them on a daily basis. The boys love these too and are quick to remind us when we slip into old habits LOL.

I would love to create a poster for your child too as I believe they are such a great tool to understanding our children on a deeper level.

The Kids Energy Type Poster is based on the Human Design philosophy . . . a system that uses your birth details to give you clues as to what energy type you were designed to bring to the world.

That’s a very basic summary of what Human Design can offer (there’s so much more to it ) but for the sake of this poster, best I keep things simple!

To create a poster for your child, I need their name, birth date, exact birth time (or as close as possible) and the location of where they were born.

With this information I’ll create an A4 poster that will give you 5+ suggestions on how to support your child based on their energy type.

* This is a digital file only. Printing and framing is NOT included. *


  1. Click Add To Cart.
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  3. Once your order is received, I’ll email you to confirm all the details. Alternatively, you can add these details to the Notes section when processing your order. I need name, birth time and date with location.
  4. When your poster is complete, you will be supplied a pdf print-ready file via email.

Note: If purchasing this poster as a gift, I’ll need the name of the person who the poster is for as well as their birth date, birth time and location of birth.