The Daily Astro Energy Guide


A simple 7-day guide that shows you what colours, crystals and essential oils to use to connect to the energy of The Universe.

I LOVE the CD case format because it works as a stand for the printed cards. Perfect for popping on your dressing table so you can see what to wear and how to colour your day while getting dressed in the morning!


  • The pages of the guide are printed on card and supplied in a clear CD case that flips around to create its own stand.
  • There are 7 pages plus cover.
  • Each day is different and includes the ‘theme’ of the day, suitable crystals to carry or wear, suggestions on colours to wear and two essential oil diffuser blends to match. See images for an example of Venus Friday.

Due to COVID 19 and being in Level 3, please allow 6-10 working days for your product to be dispatched.

If you live outside of New Zealand please email me so I can calculate a shipping price for you. Alternatively, check out the digital version which you can instantly download and print.