A place for mum's to share their stories about depression to help others so they don't feel alone and not good enough.
depression, mental health, mum, new zealand
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Decision Fatigue …

I heard this term for the first time a few weeks ago and had one of those AHA moments. When my friend mentioned Decision Fatigue my mind immediately went, ‘Oh! So that’s what some of the constant busy-ness inside my head is called. What a great

Mumma’s … It’s Our Time!

We Are The Changemakers! Let's raise the next generation to be confident and fulfilled. To live a life of their dreams and to make an impact on the world. But WE need to do the work first. We need to show our kids how it's done. We have

In Bed w. Renee : Episode 1

In this episode I'm talking about Brené Brown's book Braving The Wilderness and her guidelines for creating meaningful connections.