A place for mum's to share their stories about depression to help others so they don't feel alone and not good enough.
depression, mental health, mum, new zealand
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I’m getting the experts in!

I started this blog and private support group not really knowing how it would help people. But soon enough I had mums in the group thanking me for providing this forum.

WHOA . . . Back Up The Truck!

The other week I jumped LIVE onto the F.A.B Mumma Facebook page and talked about the side effects of anti-depressants. A controversial topic for sure but I decided to go there anyway.

Getting creative with a mental illness

Many people who have had depression swear that being introduced to creativity has helped them immensely. Creativity is not just about painting and drawing so let's dig a little deeper.

Better Breathing = Better Sleep

Everybody needs a deep, uninterrupted and restful sleep every night . . . especially frazzled mums. Here's six tips for better sleep from a Breathing Coach.