Discover Your Life Purpose with this FREE Workbook

by Renee Greenland

Who the f#ck am I? What the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life? Are you constantly asking yourself these questions? Discover your life purpose and unique skills with this FREE workbook!

Together, let’s discover your “life purpose”, and your unique super skills, so you can go forward with clarity around what you’re here to bring to the world!

I’m no expert and believe me when I say I’m still figuring it out. And I know this is definitely going to be an ongoing thing. BUT . . .

I wanna share with you TWO THINGS that have given me some answers to who I am and what my purpose is.

Enter your details below to discover your life purpose with two things that took me from Who The F#ck Am I? to YES, That’s Who The F#ck I Am?

who am i workbook

Here’s why I created this for you . . . 

I recently turned 40 and feel like my whole life I’ve been searching for my own Secret Sauce Recipe . . . that thing that makes me ME!

My Sun Sign is in Aries which means I’m here learning about myself, what I want to do and what I want to create.

Discovering this through my study of Astrology, and Human Design, gave me massive permission to stop feeling guilty about my need to find answers about myself. It explained why I buy ALL the personal development books and continuously sign up for all the online courses in the hope I’d find The Answer.

After six months of studying these two methodologies, I wanted to share my findings with those who were struggling to SEE themselves and all that makes them unique. I got SO MUCH clarity for myself, I wanted others to have it too!

I started by designing My Soul’s Vision posters. These personalised prints combine Human Design and Astrology to show people how innately unique they are so, and I hope, they can love and trust themselves more.

So I took my knowledge and created this little workbook that will help you to discover at least one ingredient of your own Secret Sauce, and discover your life purpose!

Here’s what Kaitlyn had to say about the workbook:

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