Does The Thought Of The School Holidays Stress You Out?

They come around so quickly don’t they?!

As mums, we’re so focused on getting through each day that before we know it, we’ve got the kids home for a couple of weeks and no idea on what to do with them.

You might work full time and can’t take time off. You might be self employed and wonder how you’re going to get any work done during this time. You might even be a stay-at-home mum who just needs some new ideas.

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What you get:

  1. Two sheets laid out with 5 days divided into morning and afternoon. There’s also a space at the bottom of each page to write To-Do’s . . . those chores you need to get done during the holidays too.
  2. Coloured blocks of the types of activities you can do.
  3. A comprehensive list of activities. For example, here’s a list of Lazy Time ideas: watch a DVD & eat popcorn, play a board game, build a blanket fort, colour in, play knuckle bones, write a letter to your grandparents, 500 piece puzzle, read a book, play cards.

And I’ll share with you one of my planning secrets!

Here’s one thing I’ve started doing . . . I marked the school holidays in my diary at the beginning of the year. Then I added a reminder, a few weeks before each holiday period, to put a plan together.

The last thing you want to do is wake up on the first day of the holidays and panic about what the kids are going to do for the day . . . let alone the next few weeks!

So before you do anything else, download my school holiday planner by entering your details below!