My journey with essential oils started with my depression.

I had spent months taking anti-depressants thinking they would be a quick fix for me. They didn’t fix me and I felt just as bad on them as I did without. You can read more about my story of transitioning between medications here.

Around that time, a good friend and mentor Nat kept inviting me to her essential oil classes. I repeatedly fobbed her off. Firstly, I was depressed and didn’t want to venture out anywhere I didn’t have to. Secondly, how the hell were essential oils going to help with my depression if drugs couldn’t?

After battling with anti-depressants for months, one day Nat invited me yet again, to a class. She got me on a day when I really just wanted to feel better.

I remember saying to myself, ‘Well nothing else is working right now. Maybe it’s time I tried something different and maybe these essential oils will help!’

So I went along to her place, and thank goodness she only had a few people over. People I had met before so I felt safe and stable. I remember listening to Nat talk about these little bottles of oils and getting completely lost. It was such a lot to take in on top of my foggy depression brain. But when the other ladies started sharing their experiences of the oils, especially in regard to sleeping better, I decided I need to give these oils a go.

My first purchase was a starter kit, which comes with a diffuser, and Lavender Peace. The oil the ladies were raving about in regard to sleep.

What’s funny, looking back, is I actually started using the oils on my boys first. I couldn’t buy into the fact that plant extracts could positively impact my mental health.

But Nat kept on at me and guided me on using the oils daily.

My second purchase was an emotional aromatherapy kit. It was a pack of six oil blends, in beautiful roller bottles, tailored for emotional stuff.

Passion. Motivate. Forgive. Cheer. Console. Peace.

How I used these rollers was the significant part in all of this.

These oils were my check-in point. They were a vehicle for me to assess my mental health on a daily basis.

I’d wake up, get ready for the day then check in with my thoughts and feelings.

I feel really down and groggy this morning.

OK . . . how do I want to feel?

I want to feel happier and more lively.

Awesome. Today use Cheer, the inspiring blend. Use it as your perfume and whenever those feelings present themselves again, throughout the day, add some more or smell your wrists to remind yourself how you want to feel.

This was SUCH a game changer for me. The daily process of checking in and acknowledging my feelings and then deciding how I wanted to feel instead . . . mind blowing stuff.

From here on out, my boys and I were using the oils for everything we possibly could. For emotions, for cleaning, for health and wellness, for cooking and flavouring . . . the number of ways you can use essential oils is incredible.

I knew from all my learnings about gut health and depression that going natural was the way forward for me and my family. Reducing the toxic load on our bodies and in our home HAD TO HAPPEN.

So while these oils got me managing my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, ultimately essential oils are what helped me to low tox my family’s lifestyle and start using natural solutions for as many things as possible.

I know we all lead full lives and when our depression takes over, it’s hard to have the mental bandwidth for something new to add to your life. Start small and start with one thing.

I started with sleep . . . which resulted in me feeling more rested . . . which resulted in me having the capacity to check in with my emotions each and every day . . . which resulted in me not needing drugs to fix me. It all starts with one step.

And please hear me when I say, essential oils are not hard or more work. Especially if you have someone to support and guide you down this new path. If you’ll let me, I’d love to be this person for you like my friend Nat was for me.

My boys and I are a few years into this journey now but I want to share with you how easy this low tox lifestyle has become for us.

I can make my own homemade, foaming hand soap, using essential oils and two other ingredients, in less than 3 minutes.

Seriously, I’m not kidding you. And it feels AMAZEBALLS knowing that a product we use multiple times a day, is as ‘clean’ as possible while keeping us healthy and well.

Finally, when you see the impact these little bottles of goodness have on your kids, you’ll know, like me, that essential oils are a game changer.

When your little ones feel empowered to care for themselves, physically and emotionally, with a tool like the oils . . . you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get on board.

We haven’t looked back. We’ve still got work to do but our lifestyle really has changed for the better in regards to the products we use on a daily basis that affect our health and wellness as a family.

So if you’re curious about essential oils OR if you’re skeptical like I was, there’s only one way to find out if the oils are for you and that’s by trying them for yourself.

Here is how you can order online and get started with essential oils.

I would LOVE to support you on this journey so please get in touch if you want to know more.