I LOVE this quote ^ ^ ^
but easier said than done right?! I feel yah.

I’ve just turned 40 and I’m still figuring out WHO THE FUCK I AM and WHAT MAKES ME ME. Watch out world when I figure it all out LOL.

I’ve finally hit that point where I’m not willing to settle for anything less. I’m done with just surviving and getting through the days.

After having depression, doing years of therapy, struggling with Motherhood and all the other stuff, I’m on a mission to be MORE MYSELF and to FUCKING LOVE MY LIFE.

In the last year alone, this search for ME has led me to Human Design, Astrology and some authors, that have given me some real AHA moments, some sense of direction, got me asking some serious questions about myself AND given me permission to want more.

I know I’m not the only one struggling with these questions of ‘Who am I? What makes me ME?’ So once I figure some stuff out for myself, I’ll be sure to share it with you right here.

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It’s called, ‘Two Things That Took Me From Who The F#ck Am I? To YES, That’s Who The F#ck I Am!’.

Together, let’s figure out WHAT MAKES US US so we can be a shitload of that aye?!

Sounds fucking awesome to me! Wink wink.

Let’s start with a bit about me . . .

And now you!

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