Make Your Week Easy By Planning Ahead : Life Hack #1

by Renee Greenland

I started doing this when I was a new Mum and I still swear by it today! If you’re looking to make your week easy, I’m going to share with you just one tip that makes my week SO EASY.

Every Sunday, Monday’s if things don’t work out, I plan a week of meal’s and order my groceries online. It saves me SO MUCH time and stress during the week.

Here’s what my Sunday planning sesh looks like:

The basic plan to make your week easy

We eat out or have takeaways once a week so that leaves six meals to organise.
I always ask the boys what meals they’d like and it’s generally always the same . . . chicken wraps and pizza. Easy-peasy!

Depending on what my week is looking like, busy-wise, I aim to try a new recipe a week. It doesn’t always work out and to be honest, I’m not always inspired to either. Recipes can be so hit-and-miss that I have to be in the mood for a failure LOL.

I write our dinner plans on our family calendar, knowing that things pop up, and we allow ourselves to be flexible. The plan is not set in stone by any means!

What does a week of meals look like in our house?

This week for example:

Monday = chicken wraps
Tuesday = fish burgers
Wednesday = chicken wrapped in bacon
Thursday = leftover lasagne (from the freezer) + garlic pita bread
Friday = takeaways or eat out
Saturday = red pepper pasta w. prawns
Sunday = slow cooker beef + broccoli

Here are 5 of My Go-To, No-Fail Recipes!

If you love Pinterest like I do, check out my Easy + Yummy Board.

Easy wins every time

Keep It Easy is my motto and with life being so busy, and plans changing constantly, having simple recipes during the week works for us. Having this loose meal plan alongside having all the ingredients ready to go, thanks to our online supermarket delivery, truly makes life easy in our house.

We used to get Bargain Box (similar to Hello Fresh) years ago but our boys aren’t fans of salads yet so it didn’t work out for us. We’ll probably try it out again in the future but for now, our weekly meal plan works great!

Make it a habit to make your week easy

Planning my week ahead has become a habit that works! At times it can feel draining but the week’s I don’t plan, I get to Tuesday and regret it. It doesn’t help that the nearest supermarket is a forty minute drive away . . . so last minute dashes to the shop are not ideal.

But for me, once I have my go-to list of recipes, the planning becomes so much easier. We are definitely creatures of habit but by switching things up weekly, by adding one new recipe or revisiting and old one, works so well for us.

And obviously, when I’m planning the meals, I try to make sure we’re having a balanced variety of foods.

What are your go-to weekly meals, that keep life easy for you?

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