Do the things that are natural, easy & fun!

by Renee Greenland
Do the things that are natural, easy and fun

WHAT IF? The current theme of my life as I continue to ‘figure things out’.

Human Design has become the tool I go to every time I enter these phases of doubt and insecurity. Because I feel like it gets me . . . it truly sees me without judgement or expectation.

‘YOU are your purpose!’
‘Your talents are your expression.’
‘You’re designed to do the things that come naturally, and are easy and fun!’
‘You need time alone to really know and feel your own sense of genius.’
‘Where you are, is who you are right now!’
‘People naturally project onto you, so what if these projections were your opportunity to check in with yourself about what you really want to do.’

And this ‘tool’ just keeps telling me to TRUST!

To trust that my talents naturally reside in me. To trust that I know what’s correct for me. To trust that life gets to be easy. To trust the magic!

So today, when I feel like I can’t function but really want to be productive (thanks depression), I remind myself to trust that all I ‘need to do’ is the things that are natural, easy and fun.

WHAT IF all you and I did today was something that felt natural, easy and fun? WHAT IF?

How good does that question feel? And then to allow that to happen?!💥

Tell me, if you made time to do something easy and fun today, what you do?

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