My Boy Sleeps In A Cave

by Renee Greenland
my boy sleeps in a cave

Yes you read that right . . . my boy Nate sleeps in a cave!

Check out this video where I show you how we set up his room so he feels safe and secure in his little cave.

In very loose terms, our environment in Human Design tells us the type of surroundings that are the most nourishing for us.

And apparently, our environment is not really ‘important’ until we hit 30. BUT I don’t think it can hurt, having this knowledge about what places nurture our kids in helping them to feel safe, secure and SEEN.

So . . . there are six environments and all have two sub-types. But let’s keep things simple!

Here are my very brief interpretations of the Six Environment Types In Human Design:

Caves Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I prefer small, cave-like environments that are cool, dim, calming, and only have one entrance. I feel a sense of security when I have my back to the wall.

Kitchens Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I love exciting gathering places where people can come together to hang out, collaborate or co-create.

Markets Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I’m a little bit picky and like to choose very specific things. It could be the perfect comfy chair to sit in or the perfect outfit to wear to school.

Mountains Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I like to retreat from time to time . . . whether that’s upstairs, the top bunk, mum and dad’s room or outside.

Valleys Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I like to watch and share what’s going on around me. I feel safe when I’m connected to someone I trust and who I can share my feelings and experiences.

Shores Environment for Kids Can Look Like:
I like to experience and feel connected to two worlds at the same time. It’s likely I ask a lot of questions about ‘both sides’ of things.

Intriguing aye?!

You can find our your child’s ‘environment’ here!

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Haere Ra for now,

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