How To Follow Your Own Path . . . Even If You Don’t Know What That Looks Like!

by Renee Greenland
were trained to think human design

We’re trained to think about what job we want based around how much money we want to make and how much status we want. It’s very much about where can you go rather than who you can be and what can you bring. The story needs to shift!
~ Ellie Bambury


Back in my day (I’m 40 now so I can say things like this LOL) we were told life was to look something like this:

You go to school, then University. Then you get a job doing the thing you studied. You go out, meet someone and get married to then have kids. Once the kids are at school you go back to work to climb the corporate or work ladder till retirement. And then life is one giant holiday (if you’ve worked hard your whole life to be able to afford it).

For me it felt like there was never really room to think outside of this. We got given this pre-determined path!

I find it amazing that a lot of people, and I’m including myself here too, don’t know how to dream big. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact we’ve been pigeon holed into thinking this is all we can have.

For me it was a feeling of this lid getting put on top of dreams and so I learnt to allow myself to only dream to a certain point.

And this is not putting blame on anyone. There are so many layers to our lives that influence the way we do things.

We need dreamers because we need to be inspired . We need the dreamers to lead the way and show us what’s possible.

I’m conscious of this for my boys. They get to dream. They get to decide!

Sure I have ideas for what I’d love for them to do. But actually, my job is to sit back and be there for them to figure ‘it’ out for themselves and give them the freedom to make their own choices and learn. And most importantly, to encourage them to dream . . . and dream big!

In her song Write My Story, Olly Anna reminds us:

I’m the only one that can write my story
Ain’t nobody else gonna do it for me
Anything at all that I wanna be
I got it all right in front of me
I’m the only one that can write my story, write my story!

Human Design and Astrology gave me clues in how I can dream bigger, beyond the school-university-job-marriage-kids life path and write my own story. And obviously it shows me how I can help my boys with this too. And you . . . I hope!

I want this for you too . . . to dream big and feel supported in following your own path.

There’s a particular part of our Human Design bodygraph, that jumps out at me when I think about all of this, that I believe can give us some real solid clues. It’s called Profile.

Vaness Henry, one of my FAV Human Design and Astrology experts, explains Profile like this: ‘The Profile represents the Role and Purpose you are here playing in life. It represents the costume you are wearing while incarnated as a human being and outlines the influences that drive you.’

I’m a 2/5 profile!

2/5 profile in human design

Knowing this about myself I feel I have permission to make alone time a priority, as this is where my gifts will present themselves, and I can say NO to the things that I really don’t want to do. Others will project onto me their expectations of me to be faster or smarter, or good at this or that but ultimately I get to choose and decide where I put my energy.

Who we can be and what we can bring can be seen in our Profiles.

I would LOVE to help you see “what you can be and what you can bring” and I can do this best when you get yourself a personalised poster or a chart reading. I include your Profile, along with so much more gold, in both of these products.

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Ellie says about the posters, “They take the stress, angst and overthinking out of things like this, and puts it all there nice and beautifully, and simply. You can take what you want from it, work with what you want, ignore what you don’t want and see things come back into your life in another way.

If you’re not ready for a poster or reading yet, definitely check out my FREE workbook where I show you how to find out your Profile. 

I also invite you to check out the interview I did with Ellie where we chat about this in more detail. You might find some inspiration there too!

Before you go, I want to leave you with a powerful question that I think might help you to figure out some of this ‘life path’ stuff.

“Is this actually what I want for myself?”

I hope something in this inspires you to be MORE YOU ❤️

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