What if?

by Renee Greenland
What if I don't have a life plan?

The other day, someone close to me was upset and feeling all the feels about not having a plan. A life plan! ⁣

I said to her, “WHAT IF it’s okay to not have a plan?

WHAT IF you let go of this idea of needing to have one and just lived moment to moment? And let ‘the plan’ figure itself out along the way? ⁣

WHAT IF instead of having all the specific details of your life figured out, you leant into the idea of how you want your future to FEEL?”⁣

I said this knowing her Human Design energetics. For one, she’s a Manifesting Generator and she’s here to show the rest of us that life isn’t a linear path. That it’s okay to try all the things and to quit when there’s no more joy in it. And that her life is basically that quote about happiness being found in the journey, not the destination!⁣

If you’re in a similar space right now, I invite you to ask yourself, WHAT IF? ⁣

WHAT IF I said, “F*ck the plan!”⁣
WHAT IF I did life my way?⁣
WHAT IF I just enjoyed today and made it a f*cking great day?⁣

I hope you can feel the love I feel for you right now . . . especially if you’re in this space of not having the ‘life plan’ figured out. ⁣

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Try giving yourself permission to let go of the need to have a plan, do more of what lights you up inside (the things that get you f*cking excited) and just BE!⁣

And I’ll try the same too. Deal?!⁣

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