How To Survive The Stress & Busy-ness Of The Holiday Season

by Renee Greenland

I’m going to be honest . . . Christmas is not my favourite time of the year!

That’s quite sad. I know.

But for me, this time of the year equals school holidays, festivities to be planned, gift buying to be done, getting ‘ready’ for summer, packing for the family holiday, functions and events, birthdays (my first boy’s birthday is early January), dealing with family and getting everyone together, Secret Santa . . . f#ck, it’s never-ending.

I don’t know what Andy William’s was on when he wrote, ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’. He obviously was not a mum who struggles with anxiety and depression on a daily basis. LOL!

For me, this time of the year is My Silver Fox’s busiest time for work. For years, they had this ‘clause’ that no one was to take leave during October through to December. It’s no surprise that he’s been working to 1am at least 5 nights a week since the beginning of December. CRAZY!

So, being Mum, it’s on me to hold the fort when it comes to family. I attend the end-of-year prizegivings, organise food for shared lunches, remember to apply sunscreen every morning, taxi the boys around to parties and playdates, liaise with in-laws regarding Christmas plans . . . all the while still running the household. Gosh it’s exhausting just typing all these to-do’s!

As you can imagine, my self care has gone completely out the window. And we’re only a few weeks into the Silly Season.

I’m drinking an energy drink a day, I’m eating breakfast if I have time and if so, I eat standing up or between doing chores, I’m going to sleep after 10pm (which is late for me LOL). And I know this will all lead to me heading down that road to where I was earlier this year.

I DO NOT want that!

Disclaimer: I’m writing these tips as much for me as I am for you!

I don’t want to go back. And I really don’t enjoy the busy-ness. It plays havoc with my short term memory and I can’t blame it on Baby Brain anymore.

So I sat down and had a think about some easy things we can do to try and minimise the stress and busy-ness of the holiday season.

1. Make ‘Me Time’ The First Thing You Do Every Morning

I don’t know about you but the first thing I do when I wake is check my phone. It’s SO bad for me because I get sucked into scrolling and end up wasting the first half hour of my day on social media. I get sucked into stuff that is really not going to serve me for the day. This is one habit I need to change now!

Here’s a few things we can do that will start our day off on the right foot:

  • Go for a walk before hubby leaves for work.
  • Read 10 pages of a book. Personal development would be perfect here!
  • Journal for five minutes. Write down whatever comes to mind.
  • Listen to a meditation track before the kids wake up.
  • If you play an instrument, practice for 10 minutes.
  • Pray . . . if that’s your thing.

Easier said than done, I know, but give it a go!

2. Plan out your week on a Sunday


I know it’s the last thing you feel like doing on a Sunday BUT it’s the one thing that really helps me to start my week feeling in control of things.

I use a planner and I write in any appointments or events scheduled for the week. I also add all of My Silver Fox’s events. Then I plan our meals for the week around these events. I hate meal planning but once it’s done, I feel like I’m ahead of the game because I don’t have to think about it again till next Sunday.

3. Learn To Say No

‘No is a complete sentence’, says Oprah!

I have a friend who constantly reminds me, ‘If it’s not a hell yes then it’s a no!’ I think this is a great mantra to live by.

There’s SO many things we say ‘Yes’ to, to keep others happy. Enough!

Start saying ‘No’ to keep you happy.

4. Shop Online

Seriously . . . do it! You’ll save yourself SO much time and stress.

You can shop online for Christmas presents and groceries. And today’s courier/delivery system is really good. I bought toys from Toyco and they arrived the next day. BOOM!

The other bonus of shopping online is that it’s easier to stick to a budget and not buy things you don’t really need. This is a huge one for me. When I shop in-store, I will always add extras to the trolley LOL.

My advice here is, have your list before you start shopping online. Because you’ll get distracted . . . we all do.

The amount of mum’s I’ve spoken to over the last week or two who leave their Christmas shopping till Christmas Eve . . . you’re nuts! I don’t know why you do it to yourselves. Just saying!

5. Manage Stress Naturally

I always have my oils in my bag! And I’m so glad I do.

The morning of my 5 year old’s end-of-year prizegiving was FULL on with the logistics of getting everyone where they needed to be. And on time.

After sitting down waiting for the ceremony to begin, I could feel the stress coursing through my veins. My feet were tapping, I was fidgety and my mind was in overdrive.

I knew I couldn’t sit there for two hours, through speeches and music items, feeling like this.

So I took out my little bottle of oils and was sniffing it like it was . . . dare I say . . . coke! Or some other hard substance.

I also applied it to my pulse points and swiped some under my nose so I could breath it in.

Literally, 15 minutes later I had calmed the f#ck down!

Seriously, if you suffer from anxious feelings and want to try a natural solution, PM me or flick me an email.

I’ll add this one last thing . . . try to keep up with healthy habits

It’s blimen hard I know BUT, I do know from experience, getting back on the ‘healthy wagon’ is hard work.

I would love for you to comment below with what you do to keep stress and busy-ness at bay during the holiday season!

Happy Holiday and best wishes,


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