It’s Time To Share My Shit!

by Renee Greenland

So I’ve been ‘getting in my own way’ for weeks now (TBH its probably more like years) . . . and I know why.

There’s another story there which we’ll get into another time.

What I wanted to share with you is that this morning I got triggered. BIG TIME!

I came across someone new on Insta last night.

Someone I follow had shared a post about Wednesday diffuser blends from this particular account.

I’ve been creating my own daily diffuser blend collection recently so I was intrigued.

Anyway, this morning I went to this new account and scrolled through the posts.

‘I want to create posts like this!’ I was inspired.

I love her style of sharing her life. Nothing flashy, just bits from her daily life that feel really friendly and photos that look beautiful.

That was it. I was going to follow her lead in the way she does her thing on Insta.

THEN I check out her stories and see a post about Wednesday being Mercury Day and what colours to wear, what crystals to connect with and which essential oils to use.

WTF?! This is what I’m doing.

‘That’s it . . . it’s all over for me. What’s the point of going down this track if someone else is already doing it? And she probably knows what she’s talking about more than I do.’ My mood dropped instantly and I felt . . . lost.

I sat in the feelings.

I took myself outside to get some sunshine on my skin and tried to shake myself out of this funk.

One thing that my years of therapy has taught me is, to not only feel the feelings, but I’ve learnt to move through the feelings quite quickly. Not dismissing them, just not sitting in them for long periods of time.

And so after some time I got to that place where I could flip things for myself.

Okay, WHAT IF this feeling of being triggered by this person’s work is actually a clue or sign that this is something I actually want to be doing? Confirmation to myself that, ‘Yes, keep going because if you didn’t care about your work then you wouldn’t care that someone else is already doing it’.

When I looked a bit further into this person’s work, I noticed that she offers products based around Human Design and Astrology . . . things I’ve been studying and learning about and wanting to do something with.

The difference is she’s telling people what she does while I sit here ‘getting in my own way’.

What a big wake up call for a Thursday morning LOL!

Time to fucking step up and share my shit ❤️

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