The Daily Astro Energy Guide

by Renee Greenland

I’ve never been into horoscopes really . . . maybe when I was a teenager or in my early twenties and was ‘looking for love’. Other than that, I wasn’t overly interested in star signs and retrogrades and ‘all that stuff’.

Last year I came across Human Design which started me on this HUGE path of self discovery. One of the elements or methodologies that Human Design is based around is Astrology. And so I started looking into it a bit more, learning about my Rising Sign and my Moon Sign etc.

I studied Human Design under Jenna Zoe and she would often tag her friend Dara Dubinet in some of her Instagram posts. One day I checked out Dara’s profile and she was talking about North Nodes and how your North Node sign is kinda like your guiding compass . . . where you’re meant to be heading in life.

So I clicked that little FOLLOW button because I was intrigued. What she was saying totally resonated with me and my journey of ‘self discovery’.

I bought her course on Leo North Node and was blown away by what she said. I rediscovered parts of myself that got lost when I was a child. No shit! There’s more to that story but we’ll get to that another day.

PS. I’ve got the big hair thing right for my North Node. Wink wink!

I loved it SO MUCH I bought the entire North Node collection so I could learn about my boys NN’s too. I also purchased Dara’s course on Astro-geography which I’m yet to sink my teeth into.

Anyway, on her Instagram stories she was saying things like,

“It’s Friday, Venus Day. It’s a great day to wear pinks and reds and ‘love’ colours. Mostly pinks and greens. Wear colours to attract and be attractive.”

I was like, “WTF?!” But I was intrigued.

So I checked out ALL her posts on this idea of dressing for the day based on astrological energy. It’s super cool.

I ended up taking pages of notes, which I haven’t done since high school or university, and I fell in love with this concept.

For someone like me, who’s self employed and works from home and finds it easy to not put too much effort into what I wear, I felt like I had purpose to my day!

And it was through simple things like what colours to wear and what crystals to carry with me based on the theme of the day. AND to lean into the energy of the day to know what things to focus on.

The creative geek side of me decided to turn this information, and the pages of notes, into something pretty that could sit on my dressing table. I wanted it to be something that I could reference while getting ready for the day.

What I was super excited about was bringing my love of crystals and essential oils into it too.

This project took me less than a week. A true example of inspired action right there. WOOP WOOP!

I experienced SO MUCH JOY putting this together for myself and when it was complete, I celebrated the fact I had finished a project. I feel like I start a lot of things and this was the first thing I had completed in a long while. AND I think it looks bloody beautiful and I’m SO HAPPY to have my work sitting where I see it every day.

What’s also been really cool about this whole process is my boys come to me each morning asking what colours they should wear for the day. It’s super cute!

So if you’re into astrology, crystals and essential oils, I think you’ll want to check this out.

The Daily Astro Energy Guide . . . available as a pdf download and a printed product that can stand on your dressing table.

And if you’re curious about what the astro energy of each day is, here you go:

Moon-Day Monday
Wear light blues, silver, white, off-white and grey. Be comfy!

Mars Tuesday
Wear red, burnt red, orange and black.

Mercury Wednesday
Wear greys and stripes to soothe and ground you, and cut out all the static.

Jupiter Thursday
Wear cobalt and royal blue, deep purples, green. Wear gold and turquoise jewellery, hot pink lipstick and wear your hair BIG.

Venus Friday
Wear pink lipstick and pink clothes, reds, greens and green stones, pearls. Anything that feels feminine and attractive to you.

Saturn Saturday
Wear black, navy, dark purple and amber. Dress practical and wear less makeup

Sun-Day Sunday
Wear golds, yellows and whites. Think bright and happy colours.

It’s so much fun honestly and I truly feel I have more purpose now than I have had in a LONG TIME.

Sending so much love your way,

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