Strategies for Working Through Stress

by Renee Greenland

It’s a badge on honour to always be busy. If you’re busy and stressed then it looks like you’re ‘doing stuff’ and therefore being productive. What an illusion and a trap we all seem to fall into!

Stress is such a MASSIVE issue and a contributor to many physical and emotional illnesses these days.

And the things we do to try and ‘cope’ with stress are actually just fillers or ways of us to numb the symptoms of stress. For example, alcohol, social media, fighting, crying and eating.

What if we took the time, as in slowed down, figured out where our stress is actually coming from and then try to come up with ideas on how we can reduce that stress?

In this video I share with you a few strategies and tools that might be helpful to recognising the stressors in your life and how to deal with them.

My #1 Strategy for Addressing Stress: Dump It Out

Grab yourself a blank piece of paper and jot down all the things you can think of that add stress to your life.

Think about the general areas of your life. Work, money, relationships, lifestyle etc.

You can download my Brain Dump Funsheet here.

When you’ve dumped out all the stressors, start with one thing and think of ways you can reduce the stress of that thing. Work through them and know that you might not come up with a solution today. But it’s that conscious awareness of the stress that will have an impact on your life too.

My #2 Strategy for Addressing Stress: Meditate

Yes Meditation is a Buzz Word today but there’s a reason why.

I’m still learning to meditate. It takes A LOT of effort to quieten this over-thinking brain of mine. But I ALWAYS feel so much better when I do it. For me I know that with practice, the better I will get and the bigger the impact meditation will have in reducing the stress in my life.

Here are my FAV meditation resources:

  • Hay House Meditations. This has a HUGE variety of guided meditations. I use these when I’m struggling to switch off the internal chatter. It helps to listen to someone’s voice while being still.
  • Marie Forleo’s Meditation. I use Marie’s meditation when I just need quiet. The background soundtrack is beautiful.

I would love to know what tools and strategies work for you when it comes to reducing your stress. Comment below or flick me an email.

Until next time, take care!


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