You & Me . . . We Are Enough!

by Renee Greenland

I always felt that being myself wasn’t enough or ‘not good enough’.

Not pretty enough.

Not smart enough.

Not fun enough.

Not happy enough.

Not worthy enough.

Not lovable enough.

And now I know the real truth . . . that I wasn’t accepting of myself enough!

That I was measuring my enoughness by comparing myself to others. Because we’re taught to measure ourselves against others . . . our peers, the models in Dolly magazine, the girls we saw on tv . . . well I was.

It’s taken me a f#cking long time to realise this . . . that I was born complete and I am enough, just as I am. That it’s up to me to choose to accept this and start living in my enoughness. Which I totally am BTW, finally!

So I leave this here for you, if you’re feeling not enough.

You are!

You truly are!

And if you struggle to take that in, to believe it as your truth, I invite you to get a My Soul’s Vision poster for yourself. It’ll shine a light on your uniqueness and show you your enoughness. And I would LOVE that for you.

The world needs you being you. The true and enough version of you. That’s why you’re here!

So before you jump to the next thing, trying to fill the void and numb what you’re feeling, say out loud, “I AM ENOUGH!”

Bloody yell it. I believe it and I want you to too ❤️

Sending love your way,

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