Helping Our Kids To Feel The Feelings

by Renee Greenland
how to help our kids to feel their feelings

The other week Nate came to me crying and when I asked him what was wrong, he said, “I’m sad!”

Me: “What are you sad about?”

Nate: “I don’t know. I just feel sad.”

I looked at him and thought, ‘How do I help you right now? To feel the feeling of sadness and to understand where this feeling is coming from?’

Like anger, sadness is such a big emotion and one where we need to peel back the layers to understanding the cause.

As a result of ALL my therapy work, I understand the importance of teaching my kids how to feel their feelings and learning to express them in a way that will serve them when they become adults.

So I used my graphic design skills and created a chart to help me have conversations with my boys around their feelings.

kids feelings worksheet

You can purchase the kids feelings chart here!

I sat on this creation for a few weeks then when I returned from a convention where emotions and feelings were a HUGE topic, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t sit on this any longer. This creation could help parents to raise emotionally secure children and we need more of that in this world.’

I have no ‘qualifications’ to support this creation BUT I am a mum to two incredible boys and I take that job VERY seriously. With that in mind, I created this chart in a way that I would talk to my boys about feelings. And in saying that, I consider this chart to be a work in progress or an evolving document so use it and give me feedback on your experience with it.

The video below takes you through the parts of the chart and why I included the different prompts.

My hope is that you use this as a guide . . . to start having different conversations around feelings. If you’re not already!

For bigger kids, they can work through this chart themselves but with little people, the prompts act as a starting point to help you to start conversations.

Please feel free to share this with friends or your even your partner.

You can purchase the kids feelings chart here!

These really are a great tool if your child struggles with BIG feelings sometimes . . .

“My daughter struggles sometimes with BIG feelings. I bought these AMAZING forms last year and they have been incredibly helpful!”
~ Katie P

Did you know that Astrology can give you a few clues as to how your child feels their feelings?

Get some insight with your FREE copy of the Emotions & Me workbook here:

Just an idea . . . You could print off the download, laminate it and pop a magnet on the back. Then you could leave it on the fridge for easy access!

If you have any feedback or suggestions to improve this chart, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Take care,

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