Where Did The Idea For The Posters Come From?

by Renee Greenland
where did the idea come from

Recently I was interviewed by a couple of friends about my business. When I was listening back to what we chatted about, it made me realise that I haven’t really spoken about where the idea for my posters originated from.

I think it’s a kinda interesting, so I clipped that bit out of one of the interviews to share it with you.

It all started with celebrating 40 during lockdown and trying to create a project for myself . . . that ended up turning into a business. Watch the video for the whole story!

Imagine having something like this for yourself . . . something that reminds you of who you are so you don’t forget it.

This is Ellie from The Big Sister Project . . . the one who interviewed me in this video. She’s an author and speaker, on a mission to help teens “harness the power of who you really are, the roadmap will unfold, and you will find your place.”

big sister project giveaway

When she saw her poster she said, ‘I felt excited to have words to things I’ve known deep down. It’s a beautiful reminder of the fact that we have a mission in life beyond what we can see. I think it would be beneficial to others in the sense that it will put a wholehearted smile on their face and give them a sense of excitement and curiosity to discover who they really are!

You can grab yourself a personalised poster here.
Or get your own Book Of Me here.

“I just want people to say, ‘This is who I am!’ . . . and I feel my knowledge of Human Design and Astrology is helping me to achieve this.”

You can watch the full interview here!

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