When We Combine Astrology, Human Design & Taurus Sun Sign . . .

by Renee Greenland
what if we combine astrology and human design


I’ve been Head Down Bum Up working on The Book of ME for a lovely young man and what I’m learning is BLOWING MY MIND . . . and so I wanted to share it with you ❤️

Have a watch and see what wisdom (LOL) I can offer about a person by using Astrology and Human Design.

Some of the typical Taurus Sun Sign qualities are:

  • Sensual
  • Affectionate
  • Touch
  • Earth
  • Strong attachment to material possessions, wealth and vanity
  • Solid
  • Consistent
  • Stable
  • Comfort zone
  • Determined
  • Stubborn

If we started with just this young man’s Sun Sign, we’d know a bit about him already. But what if we added in his Moon Sign and Human Design details?

Here’s 3 things I cover in the video when combining all those things:

  1. Affectionate & Practical – his Super Sense is Touch and his Moon Sign is in Virgo. He’s likely to love working with his hands and will learn through his sense of touch.
  2. Stable & Comfortable – his Moon Sign is in Virgo and he has a 4/6 Profile. It’s important not to push him or encourage him to get ahead of himself.
  3. Serious & Difficult to Predict – he is Emotional Authority on top so looking to the Moon Sign for ideas on how to develop skills to help manage his emotional wave will make life a bit easier.

I must be doing it right because this young man’s mum told me:

“Oh my gosh Renee this is so freekn awesome it made me cry! Thank you so much, it’s awesome and this is so Q but put into words that I’ve not always had the words for!!”

F#ckin cool right?!

If you want one for your little person, family or just yourself, you can order one here.

I’m off to finish the readings for his young man’s brother, sister and mum. What’s interesting is that they all have Touch as their Super Sense 🤯 🤯 🤯

Take care,

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