What’s My Type? The FIVE Energy Types of Human Design

by Renee Greenland
what's my human design energy type

Knowing your energy type gives you clues to what energy you were designed to bring to the world and how you can use that energy to best interact with the world around you.

I believe there is a lot of potential in everyone knowing themselves more deeply. We can do that by knowing our energy type. This awareness or knowing has REALLY changed the way I parent my boys AND the way I live my life on a daily basis.

If you don’t know your energy type, go to www.geneticmatrix.com, put your birth details in (including birth time and location) and on the left of your chart you’ll see TYPE.

What’s your type?

Generator ~ I’m here to bring joy. First to myself and then to the world!
When I’m lit up and pursuing what I love, I create an abundance of life force energy that spills over into those around me. I’m here to master what I love . . . to build, create and bring things to life.
I need to keep asking myself, ‘What do I feel most drawn to creating right now?’ and ‘Where does my energy want to go?’

Manifesting Generator ~ I am a creative force and my job is to stay inspired.
When I use my energy in ways that feel good, and say yes to the things that light me up, and no to what doesn’t, the more energised I feel and the more magnetic I become. I’m limitless, multi-passionate and superhuman in my capacity to bring ideas to life. Nothing I am truly interested in is a waste of time.

Projector ~ I’m here to see, know & guide others, not do!
I came into this world with a natural gift of reading into people and seeing things in a way that others don’t. I can guide, lead and teach the rest of society by helping to innovate. I can do this by showing others how to tweak, transmute, change, improve, and make more efficient, what already exists

Manifestor~ I’m here to spark change in the world by innovating and initiating.
I’m a true individual and a go-getter. A pure energy being with the ability, and innate power, to manifest energy and impact the world. My gift is my explosive and spontaneous inspiration which, comes from within and, has the power to create massive positive resonance in the world.

Reflector ~ I’m a wise observer . . . here to see and feel what’s happening in my world and reflect it back.
My perspective on the world around me is valuable. I can sense the physical, psychic or emotional health of an environment, community or group and judge what is working correctly, or not. My gift is my fluidity and so it’s important I keep asking myself, ‘Who am I today?” or “What new experience will I have today?”

I’m a Generator. What about you?

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Until next time, take care,

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