Embracing Our Uniqueness. A Conversation!

by Renee Greenland
interview with ellie bambury

Asking the big questions in this interview with Ellie . . . “Is this for you or is it to keep someone else happy?”

I loved, loved, loved hanging out with Ellie from The Big Sister Project recently. Ellie is an author and speaker, on a mission to help teens “harness the power of who you really are, the roadmap will unfold, and you will find your place.” 

Our mutual friend Natalie Cutler-Welsh introduced us and after one conversation, we both knew we were meant to work together on some level. All I can say is, watch this space . . .

But for now, I would LOVE for you to watch the full interview below:


We talked about:

  • My history of depression and how that paved the way for my business Seen As Me.
  • How I hope to raise my boys.
  • What can Human Design and Astrology tell us about ourselves.
  • How we can best make decisions.
  • My advice for the younger version of me.
  • And SO MUCH more . . .

Also, click here if you want a closer look at Ellie’s poster and discover why she thinks everyone needs one.

You can check out Ellie’s work here

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