How Human Design Gives Us Permission To Be Ourselves

by Renee Greenland

“I’m supposed to be doing things that light me up and bring me joy and I haven’t been doing much of that!”

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, aka the Go To Girl, and I have been friends for years! I recently made her one of my personalised posters, using just her birth details, and she wanted to get together to chat about her poster and what it all means.

In this video I share with you how I came across Human Design and the impact it’s had on my life so far:

We talked about:

  • How I got into Human Design
  • What is Human Design?
  • What are the 5 Energy Types of Human Design?
  • My family and Human Design
  • Emotions through Human Design and Astrology
  • The posters I create using Human Design and Astrology
  • Why I’m doing this work
  • How to use Human Design for decision making
  • The FREE workbook to discover ‘Who The F#ck Am I?’

Here are some of the resources I mention:

What’s My Energy Type?
Emotions & Your Moon Sign
FREE ‘Who The F#ck Am I? ‘workbook
PLUS you can check out the personalised poster designs here!

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