The Power of Knowing Your Moon Sign

by Renee Greenland
what's my moon sign

Moon Sign’s intrigue me! When I started researching the 12 Moon Sign’s for the Soul Vision posters, my mind was constantly blown away with what I was learning.

I discovered that some signs express their emotions in practical ways, some through more physical outlets and some prefer forms of creative expression.

The Moon Sign represents our emotional landscape or emotional personality . . . the way we feel about life.

Emotions are a HUGE topic of interest for me. I’ve done counselling and therapy, I’ve battled depression, I have a highly intense and passionate child who has taught me A LOT about how emotions can need a physical outlet or physical form of expression.

All of this has led me to learn more and more about emotions, and I think knowing a bit more about our Moon Sign can really help us to understand how our emotions may present themselves for us.

And I firmly believe that this knowledge is power . . . especially for parents in how they nurture and support their little people in their own learning of how to live in their emotions.

Here’s my interpretation of what the emotional landscape can look like for the 12 Moon Sign’s:

I’m fiercely independent and emotionally passionate.
I have a burning intensity within that can burn, myself and others, if I’m not careful. Learning to express my internal energy in creative and physical ways is key for me to stay healthy.

I experience emotions through my physical body.
Connection to my body, my senses and earthly pleasures is how I feel safe, secure and comfortable on an emotional level.

I am deeply curious and I love to learn.
I love to seek out new ideas, new information, new people, new experiences, new modalities. My free spirit gets restless and needs constant stimulation.

I love to nurture and connect on an emotional level.
My emotional sensitivity and maternal instincts allow me the gift of sensing what others need and when. BUT I need to remember that my needs are important too!

Having an outlet for creative expression is important for me.
I feel BIG and I love BIG! With my need to be noticed and admired, and my natural flair for the dramatic, it’s important I express myself and my emotions in a creative way.

I love to help and care for others in little practical ways.
Details, routine, structure and control help me to manage my world, to feel good and meet the needs of others. So it’s no surprise that I express my emotions in a practical way too.

My emotional identity is shaped by my relationships.
Fairness, justice, peace and balance are key for me when relating to others, as well as creating a beautiful and harmonious environment.

I have an intensity and emotional depth like no other.
I need trust, security, self awareness and acceptance of my feelings to learn how to ‘tame the beast within’.

Freedom is my life’s adventure.
I seek emotional freedom and wisdom through exploring new places, new faces and open spaces. I have a sparkle, brightness and magnetism like no other which allows me the freedom to be whoever I want to be.

I am determined and highly ambitious.
. . . and so sometimes I forget about my emotional needs. It’s important I learn to trust my own intuitive GPS, and find healthy and practical outlets for expressing my emotions.

A rebellious soul, I have my own way of looking at the world.
My quirkiness, curiosity and futuristic outlook are the gifts I can bring to the collective to connect and inspire others.

I’m a creative, imaginative and extremely sensitive soul.
I have an innate understanding of the human experience and an intuitive ability to feel the feelings of others. It’s important I learn to maintain healthy boundaries and express my own emotions creatively.

You can use the Birth Chart Calculator to find out your Moon Sign. You’ll need your birth date, time and location.

If you’re a parent, take note of your little people’s Moon Sign’s and how they look. Next time your child gets upset or their emotions take over, look below the surface of what’s going on and notice if the qualities of their Moon Sign are there.

You might want to check out the Emotions & Me workbook. It’s free and steps you through this!

This knowledge has definitely helped me to SEE things when my boys get really upset and helped me to deal with the situation by looking at things from their point of view.

I’m curious to know . . . what’s your Moon Sign?

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