Sun Sign, Zodiac Sign, Horoscope Sign . . . whatever you want to call it!

by Renee Greenland
whats my sun sign

Our Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign is THE SIGN that most people know about themselves. Someone into astrology may ask you, “What’s your sign?” and they’ll be referring to your Sun Sign.

The Sun Sign represents how we see ourselves and who we’re learning to be.

Knowing more about our Sun Sign can give us permission to be MORE of ourselves and give us some guidance as to how we’re meant to shine in this lifetime.

Here’s my interpretation of what the 12 Sun Sign’s can tell us about ourselves:

I’m here to learn about myself
. . . what I want to do and what I want to create. To discover the fire within me and learn how to exert my power.

I’m here developing my own sense of self worth.
While I LOVE my things and my comforts, when I let go of the attachment to them, I’ll find worthiness and strength through my sensuality.

I’m learning about myself and how to use information.
Naturally curious, I love to gather and share facts and ideas. My path to wisdom is by merging my intellect with my emotions.

Everything I need is within me.
When I embrace and trust the fullness of my soul, I will see that security, wisdom and creativity are found inside ME. I’m a true master and creator of love and compassion when I learn to manage my emotions.

I’m learning to believe in myself and to lead others.
Naturally radiant and a born leader, it’s important I develop my own inner confidence so I can shine and share my gifts.

I’m learning to take care of myself and others.
When I worry less and let go of perfectionism, I get to discover what I truly enjoy and use those things to care for myself, and to be of service for others.

I am here to learn through connections and partnerships.
A born charmer, I have a gift of making others feel important. BUT I must recognise who I am and what I stand for before initiating and acting for others in fairness, justice and equality.

I’m here learning to trust myself and others.
. . . and I achieve this by understanding and experiencing the extremes of my emotions. When I trust myself and my sensitivities, I have the power to heal, create and transform . . . for myself and others.

I’m here learning MY truth by pushing boundaries.
I’m a freedom and truth seeker! I gain wisdom by using my sparkle, magnetism and charm to seek out new adventures and experiences.

II’m here to master something.
First myself and my inner world. Then I’ll master something in my chosen field that will last the test of time and have an impact on the world.

I’m here learning to connect with and inspire others.
I come to life when I use my originality, eccentricity, quirkiness and curiosity to connect with others and inspire the world.

I’m here learning how to be in the world but not of it.
My natural gifts of sensitivity, imagination, insight and creativity allow me to be of service and to deeply love others. But first I must learn to nurture and develop these gifts for myself.

You can use the Birth Chart Calculator to find out your Sun Sign. You’ll need your birth date and location.

So . . . what’s your Sun Sign? Does the interpretation above resonate for you?

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